How to Love Yourself More in 3 Easy Steps

February, the month of love. The holiday is traditionally focused on your romantic relationships. If you can get past the jewelry ads on tv and the store aisles filled with oversized stuffed animals and chocolate roses, then you will see that Valentine’s Day and the month of February can mean so much more. 

Loving Yourself First

All this talk about loving others this month. What about loving yourself? Self-love is so very important. If you don’t love yourself, you are more likely to allow others to treat you in negative ways. That’s why learning to love yourself has to come before you love others, especially in romantic relationships. 

You may have experienced some really tough situations in your life. As a result, you may have felt the need to put up walls to protect yourself. Often, negative beliefs form as a result of a negative life event. Unfortunately, putting up walls can sometimes mean you forget to tune in your body’s needs. The truth is, if you don’t take care of your own basic needs, you won’t be able to adequately take care of anybody else’s. Here are three simple steps to take in learning to love yourself more.

3 Steps For Loving Yourself More

  1. Nourish yourself – Try resting more. Whether that means going to bed earlier, taking more naps, or even slowing down. Make sure you are giving your body the rest it needs. Also, pay attention to what you put in your body. Eat less junk whether that’s sweets, processed foods, sodas, or caffeinated beverages. Figure out ways to get more greens in your daily diet. Your body will reward you by having more energy and feeling better overall.
  2. “Me Time” – Do you regular have quiet time just to yourself? I mean without the tv on or your phone in hand. This can look like journaling which can be so helpful in lifting the weight of stress off your shoulders. Another strategy is practicing mindfulness. The easiest way to do this is to stop and take note of the 5 senses. What do you hear? Smell? Feel? See? Taste? Being present is truly giving yourself a gift. Going for a walk or any type of exercise especially in nature can be very beneficial. (If you worry that you are being selfish taking “me time” then I encourage you to read more here:
  3. Growth – What have you wanted to experience or try? Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to learn? It could be a cooking class, surfing class, or maybe even a painting class. Pick something and see what’s out there. As adults, we often get stuck in the mundane daily routine of life. Trying something new spices things up.

I encourage you to pick just one of the three to tips to focus on so you don’t get overwhelmed. Then, within that, choose one small activity that you can implement weekly if not daily that will grow your love for yourself. Small steps can lead to big changes and every little step helps.

Maria Inoa

Maria Inoa

Maria Inoa is a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of Full Potential Counseling. With over 12 years of experience, she specializes in working with women on building healthier relationships with themselves and others. She strongly believes that women are warriors and that every woman has worth, significance, and purpose. Maria provides in-person sessions at her office in the Ortega area as well as online sessions for the busy woman. For a free phone/online consultation or to schedule a session with Maria, call 904-204-9308 or email her at [email protected]