Relationship Counseling in Jacksonville, Florida


My work focuses on working one-on-one with professional women. When it comes to relationships, we focus on their role in the important relationships in their lives. Relationships involved our significant other or spouse, but there are many other important relationships that we are a part of. This includes our relationships with our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers.

Relationships require work by both sides. No matter what type of relationship it is, there’s always going to be ups and downs. That’s actually completely normal. We’re not robots. We’re human beings with different personalities, ways of thinking, belief systems, and upbringings that are working to relate to one another in harmony. Relationships are hard.

How we relate to others typically relates to our childhood - - - messages we learned from watching others interact, what we were told, and what we experienced for ourselves. In our sessions, I take the to explore your belief system and where those beliefs originated. Most of the time, we’ve never really thought about this.

Helping You Feel Better

Depending on the circumstance and situation, we will come up with some action steps to help your given relationship be healthier, at least on your end. Here are some of the main aspects of relationships we touch on:

  1. Belief systems - as mentioned above, this is super important and really sets the foundation for your relationships. What do you believe is normal for a romantic relationship or marriage? Sometimes what we expect or think is normal, is not the case for the other person.
  2. Boundaries - often we talk about what, if any, boundaries you need to put in place. This is especially needed if the other person is abusive, negative, and/or bringing you down. To protect ourselves and our well-being (mind, body, and soul) we often have to put invisible boundaries in place between us and others.
  1. Communication - this is always a tough issue because everyone has their unique way of communicating. This, too, develops from when we are young. It’s easy to get into disagreements in relationships, but most of the time it’s due to some type of miscommunication that has blown up into something bigger.

There are others we may discuss as well. We will work together on creating a plan for helping to change your relationship for the better so you experience a greater sense of peace and control in your life.

I do not provide couples counseling but refer out to a few trusted colleagues as needed and requested.