The Investment

In the first sessions we complete the paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and begin to hear your story. The focus of the first sessions is to continue to hear your story and discover potential areas of strength and improvement. I work with you to identify areas where you have been wounded or experienced trauma.

Therapy is an investment in yourself so that you can live the life you were created to. I offer traditional hourly counseling but also offer 3-hour EMDR Trauma Therapy Intensives. My goal is to help my clients break free from their trauma quicker and more efficiently than coming to therapy for months and months. Your time is valuable! We are able to accomplish a month or more of therapy in an intensive. People find being able to do longer sessions alleviates the need to come in weekly for months at at time. My goal is to help support you in healing faster so you can get on with your life.



Most insurances want you to be diagnosed and usually dictate how many and what type of therapy you can have. I believe that that should be decided between you and your therapist. While I do not accept insurance coverage, I can provide you with a monthly statement (called a Superbill) which you may then submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Initial Session

$250 for 90 minutes


Individual session

$200 for a 50-minute session


EMDR Trauma Therapy Intensives

$1000 for 3 consecutive hours.


Fee for session is due at time of service and are payable via debit/credit card or hsa/fsa card.